And for those critics who sit behind their keyboards and say ‘Capaldi’s not going to be good…’ Shut up! Because you’ll watch the show anyway. You go on the journey the Doctor takes you on no matter who is playing him. — John Barrowman

Clara Oswald. The Impossible Girl.

"Bubbly personality masking bossy control freak."

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Right. Rant time.


Sorry in advance but I need to get this out:

First things first: I understand if you don’t like Moffat. And I understand your reasoning behind why you might not like him as a writer, and that you prefer RTD. But please, the constant hate posts and articles are…

Woah, wait a minute. When did this become about religion?
I’m saying you can hate on Moffat. When did I say you couldn’t? What I’m saying is, stop clogging up the general tags with hate because I don’t like seeing people being horrible and rude about others.
The writers have a /damn/ hard job at keeping people happy. Have you ever written for Doctor Who? I doubt it.
I’m not being critical of Moffat haters. Hate all you want. I couldn’t care less because yes, the majority of his stories have plot holes, but if it wasn’t complicated or space-y, then you’d complain saying ‘it’s not Doctor Who’.
Things have changed since the 60s/70s/80s. The majority of people want *more* and they can only deliver as much as they can. Like I said, they can’t keep everyone happy, so hate all you want.
Perhaps if you told me, politely, why you hate him so much I’d understand more? Because the rants I see are not constructive criticism, more like slander.